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After the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, many people assumed that the word socialism would no longer be heard in world politics. Socialism and Communist Party will be history.

In 1992, Francis Fukuyama explained the idea of the end of carl Marx's communism in a different way, in his famous book, "The End of History and the Last Man." In it, he said, the socialist movement was left behind by the collapse of the Soviet Union.

This is the end of history. Western liberal democracy and capitalism are the last political and economic systems in human history. Western elites were pleased with The Fukushima theory. A strong theory was found in support of their political and economic systems.

There was a period of great frustration among the left around the world. Some people gathered in what they called the Bourgeois group.

But world did not realize the socialist movement change his political movement into a killing machine to take over the superpower of the world. Corona virus is the key element, similar DNA social movement created not by Russia, but by China.

Capitalism and Socialism: Crash Course World History

Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism Compared

As west forget that they are actually dealing with fire through the addiction of make money by the lowest cost of production from China. China take over all business production controlling all raw material by their own deeply controlled supply chain system.

China helped to sky rocket the economy of west while controlling the world's production into his own hand.

While west is no near to AI, China already established a model (AI) that can dictate use of something, prevention of something, recovery of something and how to make benefit from the whole world creating a spark.

A spark, a human creation by China to control and make dependent the whole human species combined. Now Chinese time to dictate the world, I am the super power, join me or go to hell.

China focused on all his competitors and enemies using his own people who are immune to corona, but He or She has access and can easily can spread to other countries using AI triangle network model. Ref. the model that created by corona virus affected list for own understanding.

A spark, that make the rest of the world busy, while China will benefit to use him as a prevention for our all angle of life.

When the capitalist pass through the depression due to spark, china will take away everything from us. The economy, the power, the control, the food chain, while we are busy for our survival.

At the end hidden evil of communism/socialist movement win from nowhere.

Dear Suffer and blog readers please give us your brainstorming ideas ref to the topic created to continue and create a awareness for the rest of the world.

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Asmaul Husna- 99 names of Almighty ALLAH

Every time it comes to air, Goosebumps rised.

Any heart touching thing that brings tears in your eyes, your heart cries, your soul smiles, and you feel nearer to Almighty Allah, who feels that should pray to almighty to save guard our humanity.

As I cofirmed that this video was sung in church in New Zealand to promote harmony and peace among the communities. It happend after the New Zealand mosque terror attack.

Note: Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, "Allah has ninety-nine names, and whoever preserves them will enter Paradise." -Source: Sahih Muslim 2677.

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My world has changed. I accept it as is.

I know, we started focusing more of higher beings. Owner of the universe, the most-high, most compensate. Nothing moves without the power of Almighty. The whole world is already freeze by unknown, invisible virus attack.

Fear and confusion take over the world leaders into uncertainty of going forward. Capitalist economy model, which by the way work like Lego, I mean if one of the parts of Lego is missing, rest of the Lego part cannot be built, without the missing one.

So Capitalist economy cannot sustain if everything freezes. You require different model to organize the system in whole. Keep in mind capitalist economy varies country to country, due to geography, resources, society and religious influences.

I am not a politician nor economist. Let's leave the leaders to the head of country to make new policies and laws going forward to combat what we have inherited and how to fight against it.

My heart goes to human loss of life during this time and to the front-line workers who dedicated their life to turn this around. My everyday prayer goes to all of them. May Almighty save our human race and forgive us, if we did anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly.

One day, the great plague will come to an end.

World will not be the same after the corona virus is gone.

The world will change radically with new norm, new policies and new laws.

One day in the New World after corona is gone, we all will leave home and breathe in the free air, we will laugh, weep, we will scream with laughter, we will cry and laugh by huging each other, similar like raptor game win in the last 3 second scores.

I will leave this love story to the facebook line. if I survive I will continue , Other wise someone will take over to rewrite the facts of the story based on real time issue.

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Let yourself be flawed. Let be way you are.

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Written by Research Scientist at McMaster University
Monsur Ali, Hamilton, Canada
Issue statement: "Government of Bangladesh on Thursday march 19, 2020 granted approval for the production of the locally developed low cost Corona testing kit. The kit requires some chemical reagents which need to be imported. The approval to import raw materials was given by the Directorate General of Drug Administration (DGDA) on Thursday, Thursday march 19, 2020."

Comment from Mosur Ali on facebook:

I've been researching diagnostic method development for almost 15 years, at a university in Canada. There's a modern research facility, a million dollar fund.
But I still can't say with the ball in my chest, "I've discovered something that people are going to use right now." In 2011, I developed a new method to easily understand the presence of bacteria, which was published in a famous journal of chemistry.
It's also patented in the US. So far, we have tested more than three hundred samples of food and water and tested its effectiveness, and we have found the results as expected. Many from different organizations around the world have used our sensor slytools to test them like they did. They also published their results in international journals.
I've reviewed some of their work. But we haven't been able to find the real usable product so far, because we think it needs more validation. There's a fda-a-proval issue, which we're not even close to.
I was talking to the boss yesterday. Since the Corona virus is a threat, let's start with its diagnostic method. His answer: Now there's no one in the lab to work for fear, then there's the fund, the sample, the reagent.
It's a long time to get it. So, this idea is now rejected. But today I see that the Corona virus test has been out in Bangladesh!!! It's also capable of giving it back to the 5-15 minute test.
It will cost only Tk 20 to 250 per test!!! The government has approved it again!!!. The names of those who have been behind this discovery should not be in doubt about the effectiveness of the test.
I'm not in any doubt about the test but the experience I have experienced in this field has left me with a lot of questions in my head. Since the test type is called "dot-blot", I can't imagine how it can be done in 15 minutes!!!
Protein is usually detected in this method. The entire test has to be completed at several stages, each step of the stage from half an hour to a few hours. The process of writing it will be long, and many will not understand it, so I'll give up.
The biggest thing is that it requires a specific antibody of the target protein, as well as a signaling secondary antibody. I think i've developed a method with commercial target proteins, but whether you've tested the quality with real samples, how did the sample get, how the government approved it without knowing how much the fruit-positive negative rate was.
From my experience, the dot-blt method is more likely to result in negative results. And this corona virus diagnosis will do more harm than the negative results, creating a more dangerous situation.
Because people will turn around and spread the virus. After watching the TV interview of Zafarullah Chowdhury, I realized that blood will be used as a sample in this test. But I don't know how it works if you do a dot-blot with blood conica.
The potential for a fall negative is even greater here. Is the target of the test viral protein (S protein is the signofer protein of the corona virus) or the antibody that is formed after infection? It's amazing that he's so easily able to get protein or antibodies. Zafarullah Chowdhury says another thing, the FDA doesn't need to be a diagnostic test!!! Then anyone will make a test and leave the market and start trading!!!
I think the drug administration in the country saw it. Can they perform diagnostic tests? I don't know. Anyway, I find it impossible. I hope it works, people benefit. But it has to be remembered that the death of human beings depends on the results of diagnostic tests. It's not a game.
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From World desk to our TV: The World Health Organization has declared the corona as a pandemic. The only thing that is still in the hands of humans as a deterrent to global terror is 'Interferon Alpha Two-B'.

China has brought the Country to its control by using this anti-social drug invented by Cuba. Interferon Alpha Two-B has saved thousands of lives outside China.

But this is not the first time. The small socialist country once a dream land of Fidel Castro, Che Gevera, has made several significant contributions to medical science before. In 1985, Cuba removed the anti-meningitis vaccine.

They have already launched the treatment of lung cancer and have been able to stop the spread of HIV from mothers to children in 2015.

The small country has had to put a long 60 years of economic blockade from the Us for its leftist ideology. Even the United States stopped importing medicines from outside Cuba. But the fun is that Cuba is the first place in the world to be in the grip of such a severe blockade.

Zero malnutrition of its citizens from the lowest child mortality rate. But the Us is not close, what Cuba has achieved in those years. Completely free health, medical care is one of the fundamental rights of medical citizens in that country.

Fidel Castro would have been proud of his country if he had survived today. No one else, the socialist of his dream, has given up his weapon of mass destruction against the Corona terror.

World has lots of things to learn from it. May almighty give us courage to keep truth a live and make our heart compassionate to help others.

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Swarms of locusts have arrived in desert regions bordering India and Pakistan. The current population of locust numbers about 10 billion, enough to blacken skies over villages.

In India, there are four species of locusts — desert locust, migratory locust, bombay locust and the tree locust.

88 per cent of the total 1,68,548 hectares of affected farmland have witnessed a severe crop loss of more than 33 per cent leading to damages in crores.

Rajasthan bore the brunt of the locust attacks — 1,49,821 hectares were damaged, of which 1,34,959 hectares sustained severe crop damage of over 33 per cent. In Gujarat, 18,727 hectares of farmland was affected.
The majority of the crops damaged are wheat followed by mustard, oilseed and cumin.

The insects not only causes immense damage to crops on farmland by ravaging leaves, flowers and fruits but they also destroy plants just by their weight as they come in massive numbers.

Even a small swarm of locusts engulfing an area of one square kilometre devours food in a day that can feed as many as 40,000 people.

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Stocks plunged fears of the coronavirus spread and the damage it could inflict on global economies. The market erased $6 trillion dollars in 3 days by going down from the highest market value, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Most Canadians and Americans don't own stock. And under half of families have retirement accounts.

Canadians that own TSFA with fixed income fund will be doing very well, during the depression time. They should get ready with their money to reinvest in stock, when in future market getting better and when world is under control of Corona.

Remember there are 3 steps in stock market. They are "There is a time to buy, a time to sell and a time to sit tight. This is a time to sit tight,"

Stocks could fall further before finally bottoming the numbers. Wait for end of the tunnel, you will see the sunshine and get into the market quickly and hold tight for next corrections.

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Cow dung and cow Urine brain will eventually destroy Indian's economy and Indian's democracy. This is what happened in India. When deep depression arrives to a country with a huge population, democracy drain through the stomach.

Cow dung eaters pollute the environment, as more stomach create more gas and through it into the air.

Think differently. Fish is rotten from the head. in order to save guard, the rest of the fish, from the rotten head, you have to isolate it from the fish or millions of people will be victim of disease from the rotten head.

First of all, India's 70% people lives below the poverty line. Country with most population in poverty line should consider fight against survival and to stop panic spreading, ethnic and religious clash.

When Clash grow, it slows down the economical vehicle in to an ideal stage. Economy runs like Cow walk in the Indian streets.

When dummy brains called cow as a God, which contradicts his or her own thinking. As we all know "Creation cannot be Creator", unless you have a psychological problem into your brain.

Flying cow dung filled the skies of the Indian village of Kairuppala as people hurled cow dung cakes at each other at the annual ‘Pidakala War’. The ritual is believed to bring health and prosperity. Thanks to cow brain humanity to entertain rest of the world.

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Nature has never respected human-made geographic boundaries. We called so called boundaries. Air water, storm, cyclone, earth quake are the global shareware.