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India is a unique country with 1.3 billion+ population. Society is divided by cast. Cast divided people into different classes. Higher the cast better the living standard. Society is built in racism. Racism in embedded to this over populated nations.

Indians don't like to talk about it, because they knew that it will back fire rest of the world. India also comprise of 100+ religion. Cast also has a control over it.

Marriage ceremony only occur between similar or same cast, not lower. It is a big problem if lower cast marry a higher cast and versa. Some honor killing take place when conflict mount in severe stage due to label of cast marriage.

Why India can not come out of this burden?

1. Cast is embedded into by a very fanatical religion. Religion and it's existence is control by fundamental group with a hidden connection with federal government's ministers. Indirectly government actually protect them.

2. For example Cow dung and Cow urine eaters ( a special cast) are control, support and protected by government.

3. You will never touch Indians if you know how deep the cast can do.

4. Cast the believes that Cow is God, that is the reason cow openly hanging around the street and protected by laws.

I will leave the topics for more than 1 millions lines in mind with facts and videos to write in future about cast in modern ara.

I really appriciate the Sangita Vyas, who has a lot of guts standing on stage talking about people doing turds in the open. If you do not talk openly, how you solve the issue. I salute the iron woman.

I like to government of India should focus on the following areas as follows:

1. Open defecation should stop and government to create a project to educate people.

2. Composting process in toilet system that could dissolve the waste in to the soil. implementation required in rural areas.

3. National sewage system to safeguard the health and well being of their children. Implementation required by Government

4. Feminine hygiene is a big question in India. That is the reason birth mortality is too high. Non profit organization to create an awareness

5. Bumps ans slams should be reduced and eliminated from the big cities as it could bring disaster during any pandemics.

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