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You can make lot of beautiful things. Remember neatness and focus is the key. Out of your creativity, you could become a little scientist or makes a lot of money using your creativity, unfolded into social media and web ecommerce or service web development.

But best of all, it is fun and it improves your creativity and keep you engaged with focused based ideas.

In this playlist, I have added the following how to make or fold paper Sail boat, Ninja Star, Crane, Shark, Star, Box, Ninja Weapon, Wallet, Lily, Swan, Frog, Ball, Bookmark, Dolphin, Car, Dog, Boomerang, Rose, Penguin, Pull-Tab, Samurai Helmet, Lotus, Balloon water Bomb, Water Cup, Cat, Bird, Bird Base, Teddy Bear Pop-up Card, House Pop-up Card, Heart Pop-up Card, how to open an Envelope without damaging it for reuse. and how to Build a mini Hovercraft.

Hope you will enjoy and encourage other to be creative. Best of Luck for all of you.