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A flock of sheep was recorded walking in a circle for 14 days without stopping. This happened at the beggining of november 2022, the sheep can be seen spinning in a continuous clockwise motion inside their pen in northern China.

The mysterious movement also in the city of Baotu in Inner Mongolia on November 4 2022 at a farm where there are 34 sheep pens, but only the sheep in pen number 13 were exhibiting the strange movements.

There is a disease that causes some species of animals to appear confused and begin moving in circles. Name of disease is Listeriosis - a disease that is usually transmitted through food infected with the bacterium listeria, can affect part of the animal brain, causing the sheep to behave strangely.

Scientists have long studied why some other animals, such as sharks and turtles move in circular patterns. However, they have not yet come to a conclusion about the cause.