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London, as we tell people so often, is not a theme park, like Disneyland, or a film set, and a holiday that consists of rushing round to tick attractions off a list will prove disappointing. Especially if that list has been compiled from commercial information, hearsay and viral marketing. If you really think you can see four or five attractions a day, rushing from castle to waxworks to theme event you will soon find out that, well, you can't. You may start off with vim and vigour, but the process will take over and the attractions blur into one as your wallet bleeds. This particularly applies to multi-admission deals (see below), whether with transport included or not. You'll see four on day one, three on day two and if you can bear it, maybe only one on day three. Day four you'll spend in bed with a headache. And you'll not have saved a penny.
Who will buy...? Planning is a good idea in London because it's huge, but try to get some variety in your diet. A walk, a church, a museum and an 'attraction' with some hanging-out works better. And have a variety of never know what you'll feel like after lunch or what the weather will be doing! We've a whole page on grouping things to do, on the basis of geographical location. Really research whether what you thought would be a good visit when you were 5000 miles away, is as good when you're here.
A lot, and we mean a lot, of money is spent above and below the line promoting attractions in general and particular. Many brands are not really worth it... apart from the Queens Galleries, we find Buckingham Palace a bore. But the brand name is so well known, and no-one cares about what a little boy thinks of the Emperor's wardrobe. The basic rule is: if there's one like it in your hometown (or nearby city) then don't bother. If you live in the Carolinas then you have great Victorian and Georgian architecture, not bombed and over-developed. If you live in a capital city, chances are you have a waxwork horror museum. Try to seek out what you can't get on a supermarket shelf... after all you spent a lot of money getting here and hotels are expensive