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Most important web links for Canadians, Landed immigrants, and the people, who likes to come to Canada for future settlement.

Most useful links for newcomers, immigrant & citizens of Canada

Forms & applications on line>>> Unemployment Insurance benefits | Immigration Application Processing Time | Immigration & Citizenship | Citizenship Adult Application Form | Citizenship Guide & Form(All in one) | Supplementary Identification Form or PR Card
Integrated services & Certificates>>> Changing your Address(Driving lic.,Health Card, etc. | Birth, Death & marriages | Business Register, Renew or Change | Old Age Security | 100 of the Best Aging Resources | Getting Married | Guidelines for disable People | Getting Married | Food Recalls & Alergy alerts | Children's Product recall | Scams & Frauds
Calculator,Events & Educations>>> Distance Calculator | Event Calender(Ontario) | COMPASS Traffic Cameras | OSAP Registration | Canada's Directory of Institutions