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Power of social media:Boycott products like boycott to stop Zionism, oppressions and racism

The publication of satirical cartoons of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Danish newspaper “Jyllands-Posten” on September 30, 2005 led to violence, arrests, inter-governmental tensions, and mass protest.

Thanks to 3.9 billion Muslims, reverts and converts with other faiths from around the world.

Mocking with hidden agenda is exposed and social media campaign to boycott danish products like dairy products, butter, cream cheese, royal Danish cookies, and Lego. It hit so hard, the more than 45+ countries population return and refuse to buy product further.

Consequently, country that supported mocking with hidden agenda fails. Country started to damage control propaganda to fight against unknown.

Still today Danish economy cannot recover from it. Using boycott campaign among all of us against Zionist and oppressor, just in one week, Dior, FB, BBC and AP press want down and created a huge impact. Search google for true result in real time. More to come. Thanks to 3.9+ billion social media users.

Power of social media play a huge role in the society we live in today. Human power to fight back against racism, intentionally mocking, arrogance with superiority, discriminate color and faith-based religion or country as a whole.

When boycott viral with clear product lines for the country government or businesses that owns, can not recover for a long period of time. There is multiple reason for it.

1. Most religious belief confirms that if “any oppression, mocking, raciest act, discrimination, Zionism, killing of innocent people occur, all believer has to fight against it or you will be liable to almighty God.

That liability from the almighty creates a huge bond between believers.

Almighty clears out that contribution to fight against all of this above are according to your affordability.

a. if you can join the real fight is better to join and eliminate negative element from the society.

b. if not help with the money to fight against it.

c. If not hate all these oppressions above from the heart and raise a voice for it”. This is the key point where social media war, human is successful.

d. Almighty is all knower all hearer and great planner.

e. You will be judged according to your deed.

f. Almighty knows what is inside of you, what is outside of you and what you will do next. Almighty given you full freedom on earth to judge purely.

g. Individuals owns and access local media his or her areas. Owns blog sites, app, AI server, group access of social media and so on. What create one of the biggest powers on earth that money cannot buy. Hypocrites and oppressor cannot penetrate. it is human power driven by positive DNA control by almighty.

That is the reason, most practice religion like Islam is very widely successful, when called out boycott. 3.9 billion power in social media create march, demonstration, strike and force government to speak the truth.

Social media’s biggest truth is information, using true live images, videos, snipper cameras, satellite cameras and AI. All kind of backgrounds and experts are involved here. People do not afraid to spent big amount of wealth to fight injustice and oppressions.

People with two faces, hypocrites, Zionist, oppressors, evil government power, political motives and evil ideologist goes underground or hidden to fight back against the truth by suppressing media, lies and creating dirty policies, use arm force, buy supports from other countries using bribes and so on.

But they did not realize, that they are holding the position by the people and they will be out by the people. When millions of those true images and videos merge into social media, truth started to expose all liars, hypocrites and oppressors.

It literally damage and eliminate the future of the powerful people. Even after their death, our new generation will expose society as ref. of all of them as evil ideologist.

Oppressors, Zionist arrogant, racist and evil doer has no place to hide. Truth will take them down, it just a matter of time. Almighty clearly says” oppression and injustice created by human will be punished, while live on earth. You don’t need to wait for hellfire. Promise of Almighty is crystal clear for all non-corrupted noble books combined.

Fear almighty, who has created you amongst the best from all living being on earth. Gave you the brain to prosper and help others who is lacking. Do not use your brain to create evil and to destroy society.