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Cow dung and cow Urine brain will eventually destroy Indian's economy and Indian's democracy. This is what happened in India. When deep depression arrives to a country with a huge population, democracy drain through the stomach.

Cow dung eaters pollute the environment, as more stomach create more gas and through it into the air.

Think differently. Fish is rotten from the head. in order to save guard, the rest of the fish, from the rotten head, you have to isolate it from the fish or millions of people will be victim of disease from the rotten head.

First of all, India's 70% people lives below the poverty line. Country with most population in poverty line should consider fight against survival and to stop panic spreading, ethnic and religious clash.

When Clash grow, it slows down the economical vehicle in to an ideal stage. Economy runs like Cow walk in the Indian streets.

When dummy brains called cow as a God, which contradicts his or her own thinking. As we all know "Creation cannot be Creator", unless you have a psychological problem into your brain.

Flying cow dung filled the skies of the Indian village of Kairuppala as people hurled cow dung cakes at each other at the annual ‘Pidakala War’. The ritual is believed to bring health and prosperity. Thanks to cow brain humanity to entertain rest of the world.