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Nature has never respected human-made geographic boundaries. We called so called boundaries. Air water, storm, cyclone, earth quake are the global shareware.

China's lockdown of 60 million people at the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Hubei, China, the epidemic has already spread to at least 17 other countries and territories in the course of only a few weeks.
Now disease spread almost 60 countries with more than 84,000 infected and 3,000 died. Our world community turn into a global epidemic. By locking down people in a city with the disease, is a stupid idea.
The disease multiplies from infected to non-infected people and turn the virus into a bomb to the global shareware world we live-in. “Isolate from bad to good” and “control the trace of origin” are the common theory to contain the virus. Of course, awareness is very important. Intentionally or unintentionally, disease holder can play a big role in the containment of the disease.
If I called Corona virus a Man-made disease and it is Made in China, lots of us will disagree. As per micro biology mutation is impossible, unless human crack the code. Here what has happened to the corona virus.
Readers to judge with the Facts, not with a spin. World leaders should stop research or put investment on biological weapons. Why world leaders fail to contain corona virus? Is it selfishness or greediness? I think both. What a stupid humanity. You are not alone. World is a shareware, we should live together and solve any issue as is happened, that matters all of us.

Now Great depression is knocking our doors. Believe in Almighty could save us from the depression.
This is a test for all of us to unite, to be humble, and to help others in need. So many good qualities we human has lost due to separation, money and power.

Let’s go back to the basics. turn to your Almighty and ask for forgiveness and show our compassionate ground to each other. We will pass through this great depression with ease.