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Stocks plunged fears of the coronavirus spread and the damage it could inflict on global economies. The market erased $6 trillion dollars in 3 days by going down from the highest market value, according to S&P Dow Jones Indices.

Most Canadians and Americans don't own stock. And under half of families have retirement accounts.

Canadians that own TSFA with fixed income fund will be doing very well, during the depression time. They should get ready with their money to reinvest in stock, when in future market getting better and when world is under control of Corona.

Remember there are 3 steps in stock market. They are "There is a time to buy, a time to sell and a time to sit tight. This is a time to sit tight,"

Stocks could fall further before finally bottoming the numbers. Wait for end of the tunnel, you will see the sunshine and get into the market quickly and hold tight for next corrections.