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Justin Trudeau, 47, is the leader of Canada's Liberal Party and the country's 23rd and current Prime Minister. Born in Ottawa on Christmas Day in 1971, he became the second youngest Canadian PM when he took office at the age 43 in November 2015.

He studied for a literature degree before going on to become a teacher of French and mathematics in Vancouver.

He gained a high public profile when he delivered a eulogy at his father Pierre Trudeau's state funeral in 2000.

This is a great leader who can sacrifice his life for his people. This is a man whose heart is always occupied to do something good for people. This is such a government who wishes people to be happy.

This is the man who wishes people laugh . I love him so much. His name will be written in the history of Canada and he will be unforgotten. He will live in the hearts of Canadians forever.

Canadian's are very funny people. People are not fully engaged in politics, but jurnalism they run in funny way. Canadian directly can criticize to their government, keeping the facts intact.

Canadian government more focus on health and education, that is the reason, People are very peaceful.