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Different prespective from the main corona virus epicenter of Wuhan China. May may be useful for some.

Suren Shuba from Wuhan china send the audio as per current status of Wuhan people

How to healing from Corona virus while your in in Home qurantine.

Person infected with corona virus should drink boil water, hot milk, hot tea 4 times per a day.

Person infected with corona virus should take steam of boil water 4 times per a day.

Corona virus will die inside the body and flushed away.

it's the right process to cure from this disease while you are at home qurantine.

After 5/6 days will feel better.

Currently all Wuhan Corona virus positive qurantine people are doing the same. China almost eleminate death toll in Wuhan.

May almighty help us all.

Hi tech that plays the role to control, detect and movement of corona virus at wuhan and all over China