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World doors are shut down for the inhabitant deliberately by the leaders due to corona virus outbreak. In one word, world is now pass through the "medically induced coma". Can world come back from the coma? Only Almighty knows. Death and declined GDP is raising like a speedy fire. No sign of stopping. 260 trillion dollars already lost by north as of April,04-2020. Health care workers are in highest traceability factor in all areas, possible to collapse. Nothing moving. looks like we the prisoners of war and animals and plants are controlling the world and its populations.

If we are the prisoners, at least give us a hope, that all prisoners will be taken care of based on our deeds.

Sometime I think we are in concentration camp. Are not WE? Giant virus will chock us, kill our inner potential, putting the depression on our human brain. Can we come out of it and be the same as we were before the crisis?

We are the true prisoner of virus war. Human life is less important than the economy he or she is holding. Are we not in the verse of collapse and human will eat human for survival indirectly or directly?

More Human will kill without food than the corona virus itself. Fear and unknown enemy is taking over our mind and thoughts. Soon human behavioral pattern will be changed, when survival is in question. Human is and will be a cheap disposal than any other living beings on earth.

So many unanswered question humans are facing today.

Let’s go back to the basics. Why we human are on earth? Reason! reason and Reason!

"What is the purpose of our life", actually can solve most of our current issues, if we find the answer based of noble books hold by the core religions on earth.

Plaque will come and go on our earth in order to reset the world due to injustice, inequality, greed and killing. Arrogance with economy and superiority is the main purpose among all of us including leaders, and country as a whole.

We are away from our main purpose of life, that is the divine factor.

Let’s go back to the basics, the commandment of our Almighty, the Most-gracious, the Most-high.

You will find the answer of all questions combined.