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Now a days we are seeing more and more people using UV disinfecting light from ecommerce sites. These products are not yet approved by any health and safety administration in north America.

But uses of those products are very wide in South, central and east of Asia. as well as south America. Most light are used to disinfect hand or as a alternative to hand sanitizer during COVID pandemic.

UV light is definitely dangerous. Any of the UV - A, B or C is harmful if in contact with skin but again depends on the source, duration and strength. UV rays can cause premature aging and other serious skin problems. Some can cause cancer too.

For clothes natural way to disinfect is using direct sun light if you dont want to use chemicals. Another way you can is by putting on your radiator/heater for at least 3 hours (obviously it should be turned on).

Please Read and get the facts before use of anything from the online purchase. Stay safe, before it is too late.

For more info follow the link bellow:
Info on UV light