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The surprising benefit of Cumin (jeera) seeds, Ginger and lemon juice

1. Add one tablespoon of fresh whole cumin (jeera) seeds in 500 ml of water and soak it overnight.

2. Next morning, put this cumin seeds along with water to boiling point.

3. Add the fresh ginger 4-5 pcs (1 to 2 inches) in it.

4. Heat up the content into the boiling point again.

5. keep it aside until it cools slightly.

6. Now, in a glass, drain the water from the seeds and ginger residue

7. Add two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice or lime juice

8. Drink the whole content every morning on an empty stomach.

* Continue this recipe for at least 10 to 15 days, and you can see the results yourself.

Four benefits are as follows:

1. Cumin contains cumin aldehyde that helps in reducing hypoglycemia and controls the blood sugar level.

2. The presence of vitamins C and A in cumin and lemon boost up the immune system and lower oxidative stress, consequently lowering cancer risk.

3. Cumin helps in proper digestion and treats the cognitive disorder, which in turn reduces insomnia.

4. The fiber content in cumin and ginger helps in improving digestion and prevents hemorrhoids and gas.

Note:People with medication should consult with their family doctor before using any natural oil and natural products in their diet.