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1) Do not be rude to him due to any mistake of the child, Then your child will grow up liar.

2) Do not shorten your baby in front of everyone, Then your child will lose confidence.

3) Do not impose a decision on the child's decision, Then he will never have the ability to decide on his own.

4) Do not take responsibility for your child when you have problems in any matter, let him cope. Otherwise, he would be very fearful.

5) Do not compare the other with the child, Then he will learn to jealous and envy people.

6) Do not bother your child, Then he will feel guilty for everything later.

7) Do not break your promise to your child, Otherwise, he will not understand the value of the promise later.

8) Do not despise their interest, Then she will be frustrated with herself.

9) Teach your child how to control emotions, Otherwise it will suffer from nervous problems.

10)Find, if they suspect their abilities, they will remember it for life.