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Delaration of war hit up.

Sanction is an evil idea. It I literally destroying our world. Evil idea that can popcorn our world through nuclear beast. The war has no winner. Just a loss of life.

Politician and world leaders who does not understand how sanction & escalating technic works. Those politicians and world leader should step aside & give the opportunity to the new generation with data based, AI, global thought based & de-escalation war-based approach.

Those old leaders, elites, billionaires and old politicians are mostly embedded with emotions, arrogance, own profit thinker, own agenda maker, racism hidden thinker, hypocrites & made in “F” policy makers are the main culprits to destroy our planet with nuclear war.

World is a global village. We all are interdependent everything world produce. World resource is a shareware. Sanction, war has destroyed all the shareware chain. At the end who is suffering. We human are!

My message to Putin is “why you killing your own brothers and sisters in your own land”. Please stop it. This escalating war will destroy planet, which we so dearly love!

By partisan politics never bring peace and stability to our planet. Wake up human. If politician can not do it, we have the right to safeguard our planet.

Please step aside all brainless human like creature among politicians, so called elites & leaders. You guys almost destroy our world order and created food shortages to reduce the world populations.

Please stand up against destroyers and war driven politicians.