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In order to make changes, you have to also change the way you think. Example, in the global market we have so many brushes and sponges to try out and every one of them does the different job and bring different results in use of effectiveness and reaction.

Let's create a brainstorming team, who can act on the principles to recognize the interconnections between the environment, people and the economy and take account of ecosystem function with the potential impact from the development.

This ball game bring phenomenal result and long-term visibility of the product, the product we will create in future.

Change the way you think, can bring truth, honesty and long term results to the society, environment and the beautiful world we live in.

Now think yourself,

Let's put two different ideas in two different scenarios :

First one: "It's constantly aggravating every time a badly-developed mobile app changes your phone in a extremely expensive paperweight. It is possible to easily restore control over your phone in these conditions.

*"All you should do is hit the house button and keep it for a minimum of half a dozen seconds. This will likely force-give up no matter what app is running."

Second one: "To assist together with your major depression, you must find new connections that are launched on an assistance program which is there for yourself.

"As you find the help to become helpful and on-time, you will recognize that depression is counteracted with a new approach that will significantly enhance your confidence and explain to you that you simply aren't going at it by yourself."

This same model also can be applied in politics. Politician's main goal is to stay in power and to control the policies, rule, laws, economy, popularity, management and religion.

Let's find a connection between the two and open up your brain to say something or just give your thoughts.

*I will stop there for a moment and let you think yourself to come up with your own ideas and act on Social media, web page you control or blog sites you publish.