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What a beauty of our human cell

The Noble Quran is the book of guidance and it teaches us most of the science that is known to man. The noble Quran was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad, Peach be upon him, 1400 years ago. It was revealed part by part in moments of need.

However, the Quran does not talk about only religion. Science is disclosing things that the Quran already has inscribed within itself.

Science says: Iron is from space, not from earth.

Quran confirms 1400 years ago: “…And We sent down Iron…” (Ref. Quran 57: 25).

Science says: The Universe is expanding.

Quran confirms 1400 years ago: “And the heaven we constructed with strength and indeed, we are (it’s) expander.”” (Ref. Quran 51: 47). Science says about Pain receptors: Previously, it was thought that only the brain was responsible for feeling pain. Recently, science discovered pain receptors in the skin.

Quran confirms 1400 years ago: “…Every time their skins are roasted through, we will replace them with other skins, so they may taste the punishment …” (Ref. Quran 4: 56).

Science says: Moonlight is reflected from the sun. Not its own.

Quran confirms 1400 years ago: “…the moon a reflected light…” (Ref. Quran 10: 5).

Science says: Restricted breathing at high altitudes.

Quran confirms 1400 years ago: “…Whoever He will to leave astray, He makes their chest tight and constricted as if they were climbing up into the sky…” (Ref. Quran 6:125).