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Oppressors and Hypocrites has two faces. They are as follows:

1. First face, they declare they work for the people, by the people and to the people. But in reality, they say they do that to hold the power of all that exist. Political power connected to world economy combined to dictating their power way they want to rule the world.

2. Second face is directly or indirectly involved in evil, devil and oppressive character.
To achieve that character, they push multiple hidden agenda to fulfil their need.
Any one goes against their will, shall suffer, kill or elimination from earth. But they do that by using one of their hidden agenda and by manipulation of their dirty political and economical propaganda with a wide range of applications.
Both faces of hypocrites and oppressors use modern technology and best brains world has ever produced on earth.
They create a shield that no one can penetrate to break their ideology and movements in order to control the power.
As Jews are by nature highly intellectual and advance in evil thinking for control, most cases they use them to fulfill their need.

Jews are very small number on earth. Approximately 9.3 million. Among 9.3 million 51% lives in USA, 31% in Israel and rest are around the world.

World actually runs, control and dictated by 10% of the richest in collaboration with government and political power. In this 10% richest most came from Jews and other world oppressors combined.

World now divided into two.

1. 10% richest with true identity as oppressors and hypocrites, controls 90% of the poor

2. 90% poor with the true identity as oppressed and keep being oppressed as oppressors fed them with their basic needs.

This makes us come to conclusion the 10% of the richest are oppressors and 90% of us are oppressed by the oppressors.

How they shut our 90% of the population’s mouth?

1. In order to survive on earth, you need food and medicine. They control both chains, process and distributions, according to their gain, motive and ideology.

2. In order to survive on earth, you need job and earning. They created multibillion dollars company, corporations such a way that small business is 100% depend on them. They employ 90% of the world population to total control of everything.

3. They create policies and laws, such a way that 90% population stay as working class to achieve what they want.

This disbalance will never end, as long as10% exist and do their dirty work to control all power in combine around the world.

Here are some dirty works, those 10% do.

1. Create conflict between countries, religions and political disbalance, in order to sell or promote their ideology.

2. Create war, artificial fight, killing leaders, take over lands, in order to sell their arms for higher profitability.

3. Create medicine not for cure, but to addict in survival motion, in order to life long profit and to suck all the poor people’s money from the 90% of the populations.

4. Those 10% will never allow you to get rich. Block all angles putting policies and rule of dirty law. If suddenly you become rich, you will be on the other part of the equation.

Here is the good news for 90% of our oppressed people. They are:

1. 10% of the people cannot take their money or ideology as soon as their soul departs. Soul departs, department is total the under control of the Almighty, the owner of the universe, the highest. Any minute any second without any notice soul will be departed. Just leave the bones and muscles on earth to become a food chain for the under-earth bacteria and fertilizer for the soil. Or become a dust after burning to create extra soil for the plants to grow.

2. Soul never dies, it will be judged, according to it’s deed. Judgement and punishment are universal truth.

3. 90% of the oppressed already get reward, due to 10% of the oppressor’s act.

4. Most of SIN or burden will be taken over by the 10% of the richest, as direct or indirect killing, power abuse, taken over land, put innocent people in jail and overall oppression and Zionism combined.

Think twice, Oh, two faces hypocrites and oppressors.

Death is near. Universal punishment is waiting for you on earth and Hereafter.
You cannot escape from it. You cannot deny your direct and indirect oppressions, as Almighty is all knower, all hearer.
Almighty knows what is inside of you and what is outside of you, and what you will do next. Remember freedom given to you on earth by Almighty to judge you according to your deed.
You, 10% oppressors, will be punished forever, until each oppressed soul satisfy.
That’s a clear promise from the almighty. Think twice the 90% of the oppressed and their prayer never go waste.
This is a backbone of promise from the almighty for all Nobel books and believers.

Don’t mock. Your eyes will see it, your soul will feel it, the severity of the punishment and the true judgment from the owner of the universe.