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Shopify is a great platform to start with. Shopify has lots of APP with paid service and with free services that could help you built a rewarding online store.

It could make you money or crerate a passive income with you are in your current job. I have started my journey with shopify few months ago. I have minimized the expense using all shopify free APP and built a 500+ product based store with unlimites tag and category.

I have more than 100+ AD videos for my live product which is holding in Shopify

Today my store contain 9+ channels. One of biggest sells come from Amazon.

Shopify allow me to grow without any issue. that is the reason, i am a proud canadian with proud Candian business like Shopify.

I am so happy with shpify that, I can promote shopify without thinking of any reward. I am trying to move all my own client to shopify and grow a solid business for future.

You never know what is coming next to this world. We all should learn and prosper.

I will give it to my all client 100% while making the online store using shopify. Keep in mind, when opportunity comes, you have welcome and thanks others.