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Different feedback and experience from the people cope with corona virus and their use of home remedy therapy. May be useful for some. Please advise with doctor before using the comment-based home remedy as some people may be under medication. It may complicate the issue.

Bellow video viral like a fire. watch the video and follow with cautions.

From Bangladesh Dhaka, Mr Saidul wrote:

I Am Md. Saidul Islam, Veer Mukti and retired Chief Engineer (72 Series), Basaubo, Dhaka. My younger sister's husband Jalal Saifur Rahman, director, Dudok; Deputy Secretary, 22nd CBS; recently died in hospital from a corona plague attack!

I was in great distress with my family when the little sister's husband died of a plague of the corona! I was afraid that all members of my family will now get the corona virus.

In this situation, I lost hope and started praying and ask for forgiveness to almighty. I started searching all kind of advice and advise from people with the diseases, their experiences and their way to fight back against it.

A home home-based therapy gives me some hope that the treatment of cholera become good using saline used. I decided to have something similar to treatment for corona virus or prevention method. Following precaution and home remedy as follows:

Firstly, always drink hot water and avoid all cold foods, even normal drinking and not eating!

Secondly, the hot water is to be pulled through the nose and inserted into the lens, so that if there is a virus, it will be eliminated or destroyed or loose the spreading power.

Thirdly, Take a cup of hot water for 10 minutes each, four times a day, five days. Also, to take a warm water bath.

Fourthly, pour hot water into a bowl and dip the soft towel into boiling water. Soak the water from the towel, that towel has enough mist and hot.

Then hold the towel in the nose and breathe hard. When towel get cooler, it should be wet again in warm water and soak. follow and repeat the same process multiple time breath in by nose and through the air by mouth holding 3 to 10 min as much as you can. Idea is hot mist goes to your lung. Warm and boil the water if necessary.

I have been in my family for treatment of a nose-to-nose treatment at least 20 times from April 1 to April 5. After a while, I stayed in the home, washing my hands until the wrist, and i was praying and relying on Allah.

Later, the Results of the IEDCR's Corona Test showed that each of the people we followed the procedure had a negative result and four of the people who did not go through the home remedy process came test positive!

We are undergoing domestic treatment, including four of the victims of the same procedure. Today is the fourth day. No one has seen the corona symptom yet.

I want to say that if we all do this domestic treatment together, then the coronavirus can be released from Bangladesh inshallah! So, let's all go together to do this domestic therapy and free our country from the virus!

That's how we free the world! May Allah help us all!
From Wuhan Suren Shuba:

How to healing from Corona virus while you’re in in-Home quarantine.

Person infected with corona virus should drink boil water, hot milk, hot tea 4 times per a day.

Person infected with corona virus should take steam of boil water 4 times per a day.

Corona virus will die inside the body and flushed away.

it's the right process to cure from this disease while you are at home quarantine.

After 5/6 days will feel better.

Currently all Wuhan Corona virus positive quarantine people are doing the same. China almost eliminate death toll in Wuhan.

May almighty help us all.
From New York Misty wrote:

I used clove and ginger in a boiling water and add lemon and tea in the pot with the boiling water. Drink almost all day along with healthy food. All day prayer keep me out of dispersion.
From Canada Rita writes:

I used honey with turmeric powder in a hot boiling water and during 3-4 times a day, exercise and eat healthy food
From New York Afzal writes:

I used Black seeds and clove, Boil for 20 mins & drink hot water accordingly with my tea, no sugar, no milk added.
From New York Arfan write:

I used worm water gargled 3-4 time and drink hot tea as much a I can.
A doctor's advice

Corona virus symptoms:

Patients infected with the Corona virus can feel themselves:

01. Runny nose.

02. Sneeze and cough.

03. Throat pain.

04. Dry cough.

05. Breathing issue.

06. Fever (100 degrees or more).

07. Breathing difficulties (in serious cases).

08. If you have a lot of severity, you can get a little bit of a stool.

So if you have the above symptoms Stay at home all time. If you have fever, cold, cough, you don't need to come to the doctor. Keep on taking the medicine for seven days on the following prescription

Tab. Napa Rapid 500mg/Napa Extend/ 665mg (Full Belly).
1+1+1+1+1+1+1for seven days. 7 tablets in seven days

Tab. Deslor / Tab. Fexo (120/180)
1+0+1+0+1+0+1 for seven days. 4 tablets in seven days

Tab. Monas/Trilock/Lumona 10 mg
0+0+1+0+0+1+0 for seven days. 2 tablets in seven days

Syp.Ambrox/Dexpofen/Tuska Plus
2 tablespoons 3 times a day for 7 days (when the cough iscomes out and severe).

Tab.Ometid 20 mg
1+0+1+0+1+0+1 for 7 days. 4 tablets in seven days (use before meals).

If breathable issue arise use:

Inhaler Bexitrol F
1 cup attached to medicine every 12 hours until feel better Hapani- breathing issue patients must be at home in advance and Keep the nebulaizer machine and nebulize it with the windal plus.


Drink plenty of water.

Eat hot water, cook hot water.

Stay home for 7 days.

Wear a mask.

use hand sanitizer or handwash, Clean it up.

Use tissue during coughing.

Although no anti-Coronavirus antidote has been discovered, Professor Chen Huren, CEO of China's Beijing Military Hospital, has suggested ways to prevent it. According to him, a piece of lemon and a cup of hot water can prevent corona.

In this case, cut a lemon and boil it in a cup of hot water. This drink of lemon prevents the spread of the virus in the body. This drink works just like drugs.

The researcher suggested drinking hot water with lemon juice daily. He said that the lemon will serve as a deterrent to corona as well. It will also help fight against other viruses and flu in the body.

Lemon juice contains carbolic acid, which lowers high blood pressure. It also relieves the pain and blood clotting problems of the air. Vitamin C should be eaten more to prevent corona. This will increase the body's immunity.

Credit: ADV JAMAL UDDIN KHANDAKAR Follow the following as soon as you feel fever, sneeze, muscle pain and breathing issue in your body. (Common Symptom of Corona virus):

1. Boil 15 minutes Lemon (cut in half), Ginger (8-10 pcs clean), fast leaf(5-8pcs), Cloves (10-14pcs), and Cardamom (break from cover. 5-8pcs) in a open pot

2. Sniff hot steam from the safe distance while boiling

3. You have taken a deep breath in from the hot steam with the nose from the safe distance and breath out with the mouth at least 5 minutes. Follow the process 4 to 5 times daily.

4. Then from this boiling lemon, Ginger, fast leaves, clove, and cardamom. Make a hot tea in a cup using same boiling hot water. Use water only Reuse this mixture by adding more water and boil. follow the process at least for one hour by repeating 1, 2, 3 and 4.

5. Drink hot tea with that mixture throughout the day. may repeat the process with newly added fresh ingredient again. Remember you cannot keep you throat dry in any way.

6. Take Vitamin C (2-3 a day- 500 mg) and TYLENOL as per condition. If Temp rises TYLENOL 500 mg extra strength as per direction on the bottle.

7. Breathing exercise is very important. 8-10 time a day. Deep breath in, hold for 5-15 seconds and breath out.

8. Drinking coffee raw no sugar an option

Blogger's comments like a train journey of life:

One day, the great plague will come to an end.

World will not be the same after the corona virus is gone.

The world will change radically with new norm, new policies and new laws.

One day in the New World after corona is gone, we all will leave home and breathe in the free air, we will laugh, weep, we will scream with laughter, we will cry and laugh by hugging each other, similar like raptor game win in the last 3 second scores.

I will leave this love story to the Facebook line. if I survive, I will continue, Otherwise someone will take over to rewrite the facts of the story based on real time issue.