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The coronavirus (Covid-19) cure is hidden in tea! Health workers in Chinese hospitals are treating patients with cancer by drinking tea three times a day. This is what some of the posts on social media have been claiming, in the news agency CNN and China Daily News.

The article is a reference to Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, who first warned the world about the coronavirus. As a result, many people from the common man to the tea industry are spreading this great news with great enthusiasm.

The main point of the widely circulated article is that Dr. Lee Wenliang has described the virus as a way to prevent the virus based on research on data from patients with covid-19 before his death.

He refers to a natural substance called methyl janthinid, which is a chemical compound of organic matter like caffeine, Theobromine, Thioflavin, etc. All of these ingredients are available in tea. So, drinking tea three times a day is possible to cure the coronavirus!

As scientists and researchers around the world seek ways to avoid the coronavirus, such good news is certainly a message of hope in the scary situation.

But scientific research is essential to the fact that the claim of cure is true by drinking tea. Recently, a group of researchers in Taiwan have had a promising success in finding ways to prevent the coronavirus. According to their published research article, the tea-based Thioflavin has the qualities of preventing the spread of the SARS and Mars viruses, including covid-19.

Coronavirus is basically a type of RNA dependent RNA poly merge (in short, "RDRP") that can be used to increase the number of copies of the animal body by creating numerous replicas.

Tea Thioflavin is able to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by inhibiting the effectiveness of this enzyme (Source: The Patented Chemical Structure of Anti-Sers-Cove-2 RNA Dependent RNA poly merge, Published in the Journal of Medical Virology, March 13, 2020).