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if God dies in cross who is running the world? Christians should have answer, without blaming the trinity (man made creation or sin), who is running the universe?

Answer is "God is eternal refuge. He neither begets, nor is born, nor is there to him any equivalent".

If you live your life with fake truth. Fake truth will eat up you brain.

We have learn how to accept blame by our action or deed, rather than the man made Trinity or so called "SIN".

Almighty is running the universe in one linear line.

It means past, present and future, almighty can see at a given time. On the other hand We human running our life in three linear line.

We only live by present, but future we can not see.

Evil try to confuse you by verbal prediction. But Almighty is a great planner, All Hearer, All knower.

Today exactly after this debate with my co-workers. More than half of them ask me to help them with the Islamic materials to understand my religion.

My final sentence to them was you will join the truth by the will of Almighty, not by human lectures, as almighty says, Almighty will protect the truth and human will accept the truth, whom almighty wishes.