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If you watch all the images, during the raid of Israeli IDF, most plalestinians turtured and arrested by IDF smiles during their arrest.

Do not afraid to die for the love of their country's existence. Palestinians feel proud to giveup their life to show almighty that he or she is ready to die for justice"

This is a clear message to all so-called brainy people, who uses their brain to control power and oppressed others.

Almighty says throughout messages that “almighty turn you back like a new born child, while on earth.”

Why we are seeing so many Alzheimer diseases among so-called brainy. You born as a child and die as a child within your natural growth. If Person who die to fight against oppression, Zionism and injustice, almighty clearly says throughout the message that “best reward is waiting for you.”

You can ignore the truth and oppressions, but accept Almighty’s justice as those called out as natural occurrence. Natural calamities are crystal clear signal to answer the justice from the almighty’s one of very minor step only.

Oppressors may get temporary satisfaction to control power, but did not realize that every oppressor with the oppression, started to kill his or her heart, kidney and other organs as DNA with 30 to 40 billion cells getting negative signals to the body system.

What a beauty of almighty’s creation. Solution is embedded inside of you.

Verse coded from the noble book:

" But repentance is not [accepted] of those who [continue to] do evil deeds up until, when death comes to one of them, he says, "Indeed, I have repented now," or of those who die while they are disbelievers. For them We have prepared a painful punishment."
Ref. Quran Surah An-Nisa 4:18-Click to listen to audio

Fear almighty, who has created you amongst the best from all living being on earth. Gave you the brain to prosper and help others who are lacking, and being oppressed and ignored.

Do not use your brain to create evil and to destroy society with oppression.

May almighty save-guard all of us and showing us the true path.