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Death is a universal truth and every one of us has to taste it # ##Israel # palestine

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Free Palestine demonstration show the power of human race. Oppressor can control the media, money, political agenda and evil power, but cannot control the human voice for truth.

World is laughing at Israeli state and their successors, the Zionists and oppressors, as they use billions of dollar weaponry against the stone thrower.

Israeli soldier openly killing Palestinians and their kids.

Israeli Soldier says, “A kid in Gaza threw a stone at me today and missed, so I climbed into a fighter jet and blew up his entire street using air-to-surface missile. I ‘m sure you will agree, I have acted in self-defense.”

What kind of heart Zionist has created on our earth? World is blind today. Oppressor as no human character left, killing and abuses the option world humanity has given them to observe the horror.

Death is a universal truth and every one of us has to taste it, does not matter how rich and how powerful we are. That is a clear promise by almighty.

Today maybe I cannot breathe, but how you know tomorrow you will not go through the same.

Almighty is the best judge and a great planner. Almighty is all knower, all hearer. Almighty knows the best, The hearts of the believers and who almighty guides, no one can lead to estray.