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Does the COVID vaccine change your DNA? Short answer is NO. I am a doctor and I will explain is why?

Your body is made out of cell. Inside cell there is a nucleus where you find your DNA. DNA create protein.

Protein is the basis of all human life.

We need to know first viruses comes in different classes. The main ones are DNA and RNA viruses.

DNA viruses include, among others, the herpes viruses that cause genital herpes, chickenpox and other infections.

DNA viruses contain DNA that integrates with the host DNA in certain cells and uses the host cells’ replication mechanism to multiply.

But RNA viruses carry RNA and they do not integrate that RNA into a host DNA. Instead, the RNA from the virus goes straight to the host ribosomes in cells.

It means not the nucleus, where DNA is kept, and the ribosomes do the work of replicating the virus.

This proves that COVID vaccine (mRNA vaccine) does not change your DNA.

Need to know how mRNA vaccine works: