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I am white, but I am not responsible for the decisions of white people in the past.

However, if I ignore the systematic, residual leftover, oppression and I allow that to continue.

Now I am responsible, white people love saying, I did not own a slave, does not matter. What matter is the residual effects of slavery.

Jim Crow Laws, redlining gentrification on drugs the residual effect of that have been passed down from generation to generation And if you did not stop that from rolling, that’s what you have responsibility for.

It is real fucking easy to say, I did not do it. I tell my children this all the time.

One of my children pushes down his or her sibling. I will get them all because I will say, you know what you should not have her down and you over here, you should have gone and helped her up and I do not care, if you did not push her down, you also did not help her up. You are just a guilty like one push her down.

Stop telling me what you did not participate in and start telling me how you are participating in to stop the ball from rolling.