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Feel likes the world goes blind

♬ original sound - CanadaWithLove

Feels like the world goes blind. Pray to God the the world gone finally seas what goes on overseas and behind the scenes.

A little boy got his neck on the concrete like George Floyd on the kid, when he tryna breathe.

He threw a rock, but they got a tank. dead on the floor, he been praying for change.

U murder children, no we not the same.

U got my ppl, they dying in chains.

Aint no body evil like IDF, more like IOF.

Little kid in his thought, thinking he might be Next.

He got shot in peace, may he rest, i've seen it in the video and photographs.

U shot a kid and U laugh about it.

Hurts So bad, no body ever ask about it.

Too many bodies to count with simple mathematics.

Families gone and it so traumatic.

It feels like the world goes blind.

Free Falasteen. Free Palestine...