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Zionism and Israelism can not succeed without American Zionists, especially the Evangelical Christian’s movement.

It is not only evil Jews running Zionist policies. The United States of America, loves and protects Israel, because of Evangelical Christians, the biggest supporter evangelists.

Why is this, because evangelists believe, that if all Jews return to Israel, it will make revelation. This is the ideological ground frame work of Zionism in America in collaboration with Israel.

That frame work of two parties to end of time for Christianity. They want Christianity (all other except evangelical Christian) to disappear and taken over by Evangelical Christians.

Knowledge is First and foremost criteria is all religions. Knowledge can separate good from the evil act.

In the past evil with devil ideology try to create hidden message to confuse people and achieve what they want. May Almighty protect all of us and people of all the religions combined.

Here are some sample works evil mind did on earth.

1. Hamas is a creature of Israel, in order to oppress and killing of Palestinians

2. Al-Qaida was created by USA and Israel to continue and oppress others, who are against them

3. Israel has not history, but only a criminal record

4. Thousands of Palestinian children have been arrested and prosecuted by the Israeli military

5. Torturing children is normal for Israel

6. By creating chaos to establish religious, pollical power, hidden ideology and control economic power

7. The Zionism theory and executive orders are created by Israel and USA, in order to evangelic Christians to give prophetic theory to destroy all other Christianity and religious group combined

How to fight back?

Create awareness, gain true knowledge from the noble books and expose evil with their hidden messages.

If we human cannot fight against evil and oppressors to restore peace on earth, almighty will not help us as we compromise with evil and oppressions.