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I eat halal food, and do haraam things!

It is about him/her to realize and make the needful correction (who is reading) - not for someone else, besides him/her.

Professor Hussein Askari of George Washington University studied how are Islamic countries following Islam.

Looking at the countries that adhere to the rules of state and society given in Islam in their daily lives, it is seen that those who follow the rules of Islam in the true sense are not Muslim believers.

The study found that New Zealand was the most Islamic country, followed by Luxembourg. It is followed by Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Denmark in sixth and Canada in seventh.

Malaysia is 36th, Kuwait is 46th, Bahrain is 74th, and Saudi Arabia is 131st. According to the study published in the Global Economy Journal, Bangladesh ranks way below the Saudis.

Studies have shown that Muslims are very careful about prayers, fasting, Sunnah, Qur'an, Hadith, hijab, beard, dress, but do not follow the laws of Islam in state, social and professional life.

Muslims listen to the most religious statements and sermons in the world, but no Muslim country has become the best state in the world. Perhaps in the last 60 years, Muslims have listened to the Friday sermon at least 3,000 times.

An infidel Chinese businessman said that Muslim traders came to us with orders to make number two counterfeit goods and asked them to label such a famous company. Later when I told them to eat with us, they said, not halal, so I don't eat. So, is it halal to sell counterfeit goods?

A Japanese new Muslim said, "I saw non-Muslims in the West practicing Islam, and I see Islam in the East but no Muslims." Alhamdulillah, I have already accepted the religion of Allah by understanding the difference between Islam and Muslims.

Islam is not just about fasting and prayers, it is a way of life and it is a matter of dealing with others. A person who prays and fasts and has a mark on his forehead can also be a hypocrite in the eyes of Allah.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “The real proletariat and the empty people are those who will appear on the Day of Resurrection with fasting, prayers, many Hajj, almsgiving, and charity but will go to Hell empty-handed due to corruption.

There are two parts to Islam, one is the public declaration of faith which is called 'Iman', and the other is the subject of faith which is called 'Ehsan', which is implemented by following the right social rules and regulations.

If the two are not practiced together, Islam remains incomplete, which is happening in every so-called Muslim country.

Obedience to religious rules is a personal responsibility and is a matter between God and His servants. But obeying social norms is a matter between one slave and another slave.

If Muslims do not apply Islamic principles in their lives, Muslim society will be riddled with corruption and our future will be disgraceful.

Lord Bernard Shaw once said, "Islam is the best religion and Muslims are the worst followers."