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Camouflage is a very useful and vital tool, not only to defend yourself from others, but also can act as a successful attacker to others. Today’s world politics and politicians use it in the technic to win power in politics, power in money and success, who, when and what they want to be ruled.
Theory is simple Biggest eating Bigger, Bigger eating Smaller and smaller eating smallest and on and on and on. But correlation between them is that they all are interdependent. At the same time biggest controls the rest. When biggest eat the bigger, it does not let him or her to regrow, but on the other hand rest of the chain will feed each other such a way that they regrow and survive. Reason behind it is that “Biggest knows that other sizes will come to him or her (through regrow and survival) no matter what happens to any changes to the world, stock, money and politics. Dependency in politics, stock and money play a vital role in this overall equation.

That is why world of politics constantly changing its technic and behavioral pattern in regards to policies, while keeping live, intact and active the words like “Democracy”, “Socialism”, “Equal right”, “Chartered of right”, “In God we trust”, “Alt-Right”, “Alt-Left”, ”White supremacism, “ Brown supremacism” , “Islamophobia”, “Make country great again”, “Uniting people”, “Racism” , “Bigotry”, “Poverty”, “Migrated bird’s egg ( European settlers in America)”, “First nation ( Indians)” and more to come. Politician and country advisors are very actively and closely working towards those movements to get benefit out of it, using their policy changes. America- A land of natives, but run by the migrated bird’s egg is a prime example. Other part of the World of politics can learn from it and can change the behavioral pattern in order to adjust with the new term of American politics.

Politicians uses higher society (rich in money) in their favors. Rich knows everyone is dependent on money that is a reason they create “Money Religion” in order to dictate way they want the population to react and to way to control political powers and money. Supremacism only can be exist if it control 90% of the world wealth by leaving 10% to the rest of the 7 billion people on earth. Today, we all know that 90% of the world’s wealth is control by 10% of the world richest population.

Politician uses that idea to support rich while talking democracy to others. American politics, money and market is the prime example. Democrats lose the election as they did not support the rich and they do not have rich in their key group posts and positions. Regrouping or changes of tone will not work for democrat, as table has turned and rich are organised in one group. Word is simple, if you do not have work, you do not have money and you are dependent on government that holding the country. That eventually keep you out of politics. That all they want. You are fighting for your survival of life and existence of life. On the other hand Rich is the main source for all the jobs and food chain, which you depend on. You will listen what they say and will follow what they dictate in a modern way. Rich are not only controlling your life, also they are controlling your emotions and your mind. You will be in jail or under the radar if you try to go against them or to protest against their will.

I will be keep on writing until same camouflage bring the true democracy and equal distribution of money to the people, who has nothing to do with the politics, but suffering for the same reason.