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Wealth Simple - a Canadian bank with the latest web technology came as a storm in worldwide market. No fee investment and no fee ETF make it more attractive

Savings account honor you with .75% to 1.00 interest. Furthermore, referral and adding or moving different account from other institution makes you freely use 10,000 in your account.

All Canadian can take extra benefit to open TFSA account, which allow Canadian to eliminate government taxes, how far your portfolio increase or how much money you make. All are tax free. Learn more detail about Canadian government's TFSA fund.

Furthermore you can move your RRSP and LIRA from other institution to bank. Google to find what does RRSP and LIRA means, if you are not familiar with this.

Click the link bellow will allow you to get 10,000 free to use in your newly open account till one year. No interest not fee. Click to get $10, 000 Free

Banks's Modern Portfolio Theory, the Nobel-Prize winning investing philosophy that build for the customers the smart portfolios. And it proved customer can make more money and take less risk by diversifying their investments.

It's as good as it sounds. Research shows that over the long term, investing across the entire market using a diversified portfolio beats picking stocks 96% of the time.

Best wishes to all of you, if this benefit to you and your families.

Bank’s Phone# 1-855-255-9038

Banks’s address: 860 Richmond ST W 3RD Floor, Toronto M6J 1C9, Canada.