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We all know the electrolysed water can fight germs, bacteria, odors and viruses. We will discus here how to make electrolysed water with and without machine.

Household cleaning appliance that can sanitize and disinfect your home, and even fruit and vegetables, by using water and salt.

Electrolysed water is a pretty simple technology from the industrial space that uses electricity to change the chemical structure of salt, water and vinegar into a cleaner and disinfectant as effective as bleach, but with no harmful chemicals.

Unique idea of disinfectant solution with out spending literally any money. Great idea of Electrolysed water is very safe to use on any thing and no chemical involved.

How Electrolysed water works or how to prepare:

"When you pass electricity through a salt water mixture, you create EO water. EO water exterminates 99.95 percent of virus and germs that it comes into contact with; and literally blows up bacteria by breaking its outer cells and bursting it with water."

The use of electrolysed water is reported to be just as effective as traditional cleaning products and reduces the need for single-use plastics by replacing commercially sold packaged cleaning products.

Users simply fill the device with tap water and household salt, and within 60 seconds the device creates an electrolysed water solution. The solution takes three minutes to perform its cleaning duties.

Bottle of electrolysed water sitting on a store shelf or in a warehouse would lose its efficacy within just a few weeks. That’s why it’s a cleaner you have to make fresh at home.

Electolyzed Acidic Water (EAW) could be useful in controling pathogenic microorganisms on freash fruits, vegetables and produces. Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water(EOW) has been attracting attention as a disinfectant because of it's storong antimicrobial activities.

Electrolyzing equipment is helping to sanitize drinking water in parts of Latin American and Africa.

It’s a kitchen degreaser. It’s a window cleaner. It kills athlete’s foot. Oh, and you can drink it.

It’s big in Japan. People there spray it on sushi to kill bacteria and fill their swimming pools with it, eliminating the need for harsh chlorine.

Doctors use it to sterilize equipment and treat foot fungus and bedsores. It’s the secret weapon in Sanyo Electric Corp.'s “soap-less” washing machine.

Then there’s the “magic water” hype that has accompanied electrolyzed drinking water. A number of companies sell so-called ionizers for home use that can range from about $600 to more than $3,000. The alkaline water, proponents say, provides health benefits.

Last or not least, more effective than Alcohol sanitisiation, as general detergent effectivity is 20%, Creson, phenol effectivity is 40%, Ethanol (Alcohol) effectivity is 60%, Sodioum hypocloride effectivity is 80%, but Electrolyzed water effectivity is 99.5%.

Note: For safety as electricity involve, it it recomended to buy Electrolyzed water dispenser with direct spray option.