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The president of the United States has been slandering the World Health Organization. He has blocked the annual donation from the Us taxpayers to the World Health Organization.

Trump is trying to shift his failure for his covid19 response. New York City and the United States are responsible for their own administrative failures too.

The USFDA is the main drug standard in the world.

The CDC is the gold standard for knowledge and research on epidemic control worldwide.

So why Trump's is arrogent and baseless proud?

Because of his own stupidity, his own ideology and administrative weakness.

Trump doesn't understand that the World Health Organization's work against malaria, AIDS, polio, tuberculosis in all other countrys to protect Americans. Because they do not have no polio and they don't have tuberculosis in their country.

If the World Health Organization fails to do this due to short of money, All the diseases Like polio, tuberculosis will enter through Newyork to all american cities. Just like corona enter through Newyork state to the rest of the states like a blezzing fire.

America as a country act like a dictatorship through their current president D. Trump. But he keeps his own system democratic. It's like ancient Rome. Caesar is democratic in Rome, but Caesar is the emperor of all city combined.

As a result, the faces of these young Caesars are being revealed today.

The country is being threatened by the failed people, not telling the truth to the people. The countries where the geniuse people leads, those countries are handling the situation very well.

Iron men like are confused, loosing the right direction to handle the situation. Israel, Germany, Colonial Britain, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal. But Germany are still in the middle of wave.

China, Korea and Vietnam are doingv very well to control the virus. What's the reason? Because it's not the character of the regime, the character of the ruler keeps people good in any extreme situation.

America does not send medical teams to any country. Unless there are American soldiers fighting there. A TV serial called M A S H, which has been on TV for years, was played by Alan Alda, who was the lead in the field hospital of the American Soldiers who were involved in the Korean War showing the story of doctors and nurse in battle field.

America sends troops all over the world. American military signature is all over the world So do american Bombs. Sends missiles to Countries of Europe. Iraq, Afghanistan, Haiti, Panama, Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bolivia, Iran, Nicaragua, Chile, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea.

The Us also tried to assassinate the Cuban leader.

He was attacked by a american assigned Cuban in the Bay of Piggs.

But today, the Cuba send doctors to America.

Who is the World power now?

The attack on the Corona has made it easier for us to understand the character of the pagans and it's class.

There is nothing left in the US except the dollar.

That's also gone in China's pocket.

If Corona will stay for a long, the day of the bullying will end.

The geniuses will survive.

Darwin's thoughts will be revealed.

The World will see the Survival of the Fittest, not by the body and arms power, but by the merit of the nation.