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Trump is promoting and creating Anarchy in the hope that he will be the savior of America. This idea and ideology mostly supported by the blindly loving white population in America. Trump love to create hatred towards weak and the people of color. That idea is in the mind set of most red neck, KKK and most of white population in America.

Looks like Trump's chaos is actually part of a careful plan. That the man chosen to captain the vast American ship and the new administration by his side are deliberately seeking to capsize that vessel. The goal is Anarchy, control and execution.

Opening economy too early by Trump is a political motive, nothing else. Trump lost the war with corona virus. Still wants to show his last power to apply using Darwin’s theory " The fittest are able to survive".

Beautiful genius in USA is supported by the blindly loving mostly white population, realize that beside him someone else can total control of command center, not just America but the whole world. This is he who is the most-high, the owner of the universe.

Trump will be liable to kill that many people in corona virus pandemic in America. America fail to control the mortality rate as politics and healthcare, also states and federal government are fighting each other.

Being such a sophisticated country, why does not know how to remove ventilator from corona patient that causes the highest mortality rate by going cardiac arrest. Ref. Short of ventilators and time limit to use of ventilators due to over crowded severe patients.

Look at the mortality rate in Canada and othercountries, and especially British Columbia, as they remove or exchange ventilator without patient being in cardiac arrest.

Trump offers no solutions and no cure to anything, lie and coverup his motto– he appoints vulture billionaires who made fortunes from exploiting the weak, he's cultivating hatred towards "foreigners" and promotes silencing dissenting voices. Way he is talking, looks like he enjoy when people die and mortality rate expands.

They, the corrupted Americans did not realize that someone most-high, the owner of universe is watching it all. Almighty knows what is inside of you and what is outside of you. The Owner of universe, The Almighty, who control the past, present and future in one liner line.

What does it mean: He the most-high knows past, present and future at the same given time! That says everything how he, the most-high, controls everything. Nothing moves without his permission. For us it just a time, pass by, passing through and soften our hearts for the betterment of others who needs most.

Corruption (anywhere it occurs) with hidden agenda will pay their price. Arrogance will die, as it challenges the Almighty, the most-high.

At this stage we need to ask for forgiveness over and over to our almighty, as we see the humanity is suffering in different parts of the world due to our arrogance and hidden corruption.