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Good relation is priceless, that money cannot buy. Capitalist economy cannot sustain without a good relation with other countries. Supply and demand, raw products and production line are diversified all over the world's corner.

In order to utilize it for individual country, country's external policy should be supper friendly to the rest of the world.

Trump aggressive policy, China is taking advantage to make a good relation with rest of the world. This will continue 2020 and onward. Other country will benefit from China in the area of infrstracture, raw material, logistics, supply chain and IT technology like 5G.

Most benefit with be in south Asian region, as China already created investment foot print, while Trump is busy with war and domestic issues.

Corona virus is a prime example for China to show rest of the world, how powerful and willing to help others liked attitude towards rest of the world.

There will be a change in the society that we were too busy to recognize. The change is compassion. Meanwhile, the international community has stood by each other in a compassionate way.

Millionaires have started giving millions of dollars to save people's lives. They are taking various initiatives to provide humanitarian assistance.