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My world has changed. I accept it as is.

I know, we started focusing more of higher beings. Owner of the universe, the most-high, most compensate. Nothing moves without the power of Almighty. The whole world is already freeze by unknown, invisible virus attack.

Fear and confusion take over the world leaders into uncertainty of going forward. Capitalist economy model, which by the way work like Lego, I mean if one of the parts of Lego is missing, rest of the Lego part cannot be built, without the missing one.

So Capitalist economy cannot sustain if everything freezes. You require different model to organize the system in whole. Keep in mind capitalist economy varies country to country, due to geography, resources, society and religious influences.

I am not a politician nor economist. Let's leave the leaders to the head of country to make new policies and laws going forward to combat what we have inherited and how to fight against it.

My heart goes to human loss of life during this time and to the front-line workers who dedicated their life to turn this around. My everyday prayer goes to all of them. May Almighty save our human race and forgive us, if we did anything wrong knowingly or unknowingly.

One day, the great plague will come to an end.

World will not be the same after the corona virus is gone.

The world will change radically with new norm, new policies and new laws.

One day in the New World after corona is gone, we all will leave home and breathe in the free air, we will laugh, weep, we will scream with laughter, we will cry and laugh by huging each other, similar like raptor game win in the last 3 second scores.

I will leave this love story to the facebook line. if I survive I will continue , Other wise someone will take over to rewrite the facts of the story based on real time issue.