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From World desk to our TV: The World Health Organization has declared the corona as a pandemic. The only thing that is still in the hands of humans as a deterrent to global terror is 'Interferon Alpha Two-B'.

China has brought the Country to its control by using this anti-social drug invented by Cuba. Interferon Alpha Two-B has saved thousands of lives outside China.

But this is not the first time. The small socialist country once a dream land of Fidel Castro, Che Gevera, has made several significant contributions to medical science before. In 1985, Cuba removed the anti-meningitis vaccine.

They have already launched the treatment of lung cancer and have been able to stop the spread of HIV from mothers to children in 2015.

The small country has had to put a long 60 years of economic blockade from the Us for its leftist ideology. Even the United States stopped importing medicines from outside Cuba. But the fun is that Cuba is the first place in the world to be in the grip of such a severe blockade.

Zero malnutrition of its citizens from the lowest child mortality rate. But the Us is not close, what Cuba has achieved in those years. Completely free health, medical care is one of the fundamental rights of medical citizens in that country.

Fidel Castro would have been proud of his country if he had survived today. No one else, the socialist of his dream, has given up his weapon of mass destruction against the Corona terror.

World has lots of things to learn from it. May almighty give us courage to keep truth a live and make our heart compassionate to help others.