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It is important to know the plastic bottle’s chemical composition before to use the bottle for multi purposes. Manufacturer only put an embedded code. But not a full description.

Awareness is very important, before things getting out of hand. Preventive method can only possible if corrective process and proper use and applications are in place. Unknowingly we could damage or body, our health and it could cost to nation or country billions of dollars, which can be prevented in other way just to get the correct awareness.

Many people use hot beverage or hot food or warm hot items in plastic bottles or containers. They even not knowing that they are slow poisoning their body or love ones.

First question we have to ask, Is it a healthy use of plastic bottles? Second question we have to ask how this plastic container or bottle made off? Third question we have to ask is it safe to use over and over or multipurpose?

To get all these answers

if you understand the meaning of the triangular sign on the bottom of the plastic bottle, there are many problems that can be solved.

Plastic bottle’s bottom Sign, mark and symbol

1. Triangular sign — it's actually the characteristic index of the plastic bottle. This sign implies that the bottle is made legally. However, the number of objects that are reliable or key to the use of the Botox can be understood by the numbers in the triangular sign.

2. If there is 1 number in the triangular area, it means that the bottle can only be used once and the plastic is used in the polyethylene terthalate. This type of bottle is detrimental to the health of the multiuse.

3. If there are 2 numbers in the triangular range, this type of plastic bottle has been used in dense polythene. This type of bottle is mainly used in the case of keeping shampoo or detergent.

4. If there are 3 digits in the triangular range — this type of bottle should not be used more. Because, these bottles are made from ' polyvinyl chloride ' or ' PVC '. There is a risk of cancer. The bottle was used to keep ' peanut butter '.

5. If there are 4 numbers in the triangular range, this type of plastics is more suitable for use. In particular, these signs appear to be abundant in plastic packs. These are the signs in a very expensive bottle.

6. If there are 5 numbers in the triangular range — these types of plastics are absolutely safe and usable. Such signs can be seen in the ice cream cups or syrup bottles or in the container of food.

7. If there are 6 or 7 digits in the triangular — the plastic red card is called brilliantly. These types of plastics are deadly types of lethal. Because this type of plastics is produced in polysteine and polycarbonate. It creates hormonal problems in humans. Frequent use of such plastic increases the trend of cancer.