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Hello, I'm here to talk about a flock of sheep that was recorded walking in a circle for 14 days without stopping. This interesting phenomenon happened in northern China at the beginning of November 2022.
The mysterious movement also in the city of Baotu in Inner Mongolia on November 4 2022 at a farm where there are 34 sheep pens, but only the sheep in pen number 13 were exhibiting the strange movements.

The sheep can be seen spinning in a continuous clockwise motion inside their pen. It's amazing to see how they keep on moving in a circular pattern, even when there's no wind or external stimulus.
This event has caught the attention of many people around the world, and it's being talked about a lot on social media. Some people believe that this is a sign of something strange happening, while others think that it's just a coincidence.
This event has also sparked interest from scientists, who are trying to figure out what could be causing these sheep to behave in such a way. There is a disease called Listeriosis that can affect animals, and it's possible that these sheep are suffering from it.
Listeriosis is a bacterial disease that usually affects mammals, but it can also affect humans. The bacteria enter the body through an open wound or through the mouth or nose, and it can cause serious problems for the brain and nervous system. If these sheep are suffering from Listeriosis, it's important to take them to a veterinarian as soon as possible. They may need medication to help them recover and get back to their normal state of health.
Scientists have long studied why some other animals, such as sharks and turtles move in circular patterns. However, they have not yet come to a conclusion about the cause.

In conclusion, the sheep walking in a circle for 14 days without stopping is still a mystery to many people. We hope that scientists can soon discover what is causing these animals to behave in such a strange way. Thank you for watching. Please follow us in Tiktok or for more exciting topics, video & information.