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We focus on providing dynamic websites that captures your audience to ensure that they remain attentive and receptive to your message.
--> is the first website solution to truly combine ease of use and affordability in one fixed price per month for everything (webdesign, web hosting, domain bandwidth etc.). We offer true value which will save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on web site design costs. change page, design or other features as often as you like. Web design from a based company, specializing in giving small companies their first Internet and Search Engine presence. Get your business online with one of our Small Business Starter Packages, which costs as little as cdn $19.99 per month.

>>Design, hosting and domain name --
>>Your own email address -- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
>>No hassle -- we do our job so you can concentrate on yours
>>No jargon -- we don't use technical language you can't understand

We ourselves are a small local Toronto company, who understand that cash flow is often tight. Your website is too important to take a chance on its development, but you don't want the worry of risking your budget on a large, often unapproachable, design firm. offer the perfect solutions to develop your website at an affordable (cheap) cost to your business. We have a simple aim: to get you or your web site online quickly, with no hassle, at a price you can afford; enabling your customers, or potential clients, to access information about your business, goods or services, 24 hours a day, every day, from anywhere

The Small Business Package:
Cost: cdn $19.99 per month with annual contract.
The Small Business Package Includes:
A five page website, including: one homepage, one contact form, one guest book, two internal pages;
A domain or 'web address' (*)
Email address(es) (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.*)
Hosting (storage) of your site on reliable web servers
Search engine submission to the top search engines
Extra pages and/or functionality by agreement
* will register your domain name on your behalf, but will not necessarily be available. In this instance we will advise of reasonable alternatives.

The Website Layout
The Homepage should be an introduction to your site and your business. This can include a description of approximately 500 words, promotional photography and company logo, for example. We will also build in consistant links to the remaining pages.

The text:
Either supplied in current promotional material by post or sent by email. will only retype this information for an additional hourly fee for reasons of speed and accuracy we prefer text to be supplied digitally via email or CD-ROM as either a Microsoft Word document or (preferably) plain text.

NB: do not take responsibility for any typing errors; while we will proof-read the site, it is the client's responsibility to send any corrections to us via email or post in the formats outlined above.

The photography:
Promotional photographs (up to a maximum of five per page) to illustrate your products, services or premises and add interest to your website. These can be either existing promotional material or supplied as standard photographs will scan photography supplied in this way. Photos can also be supplied on CD-ROM in a variety of formats, which we will discuss with you as required.

NB: cannot take responsibility for the quality of photographs supplied by the client. If photos or brochures are supplied, we will advise the client if the images will not scan in to a reasonable quality. can arrange for digital photographs to be taken at an additional cost to be negotiated.

NB: It is the responsibility of the client to obtain any permission required to use any photographs on their website. Copyright laws still apply to the Internet.

Contact Form:
The contact form allows you to collect valuable details on your customers and their requests. It will contain the following fields: title, name, email address, postal address, telephone no. , nature of inquiry, any other comments. This information will be forwarded to the client's email account, after which it is the responsibility of the client to store this information. We can include a 'thank you' message that will be presented to the user (in the form of a web page) once their information has been successfully sent.

Guest book:
This guestbook allow you to see valuable data on the server (published) by your customer in real time.

Internal pages:
Use these to give more details on your goods, services, location and really sell your company to its target audience. These can contain information from your existing promotional material, or can be written and submitted by the client, containing a maximum of 5 photographs per page and 500 words per page. Please be aware that copyright laws still apply to the Internet, and it remains the responsibility of the client to obtain the required permissions, to use any images, trademarks, logos etc. on their website.

Additional pages: For Web database, Flash, Order form, Digital pictures, ebusiness, Book publishing,cart etc. Please call us for price inquiry!

Slideshow Pages: For Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Family gathering, new born baby or any other occasions you can have up to 500 slide pictures page. For more details call us at 416-720-1605.

Audio Streaming Sites: For Music, Radio, Lectures & Educational messages. You can have up to five hours of audio streaming. For more details call us at 416-720-1605.

Video Streaming Sites: For Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Family gathering, new born baby's video or any other occasions you can have up to two hours of video streaming. For more details call us at 416-720-1605.

Website hosting:
This is where your website is actually physically kept. It is similar to the way in which your files are stored on your own office or home computer, but on a special fast computer which can be accessed from all around the world.
Although you are unlikely to be affected, please be aware that there are restrictions on the amount of storage and data transfer with any hosting agreement.
For those with the technical knowledge 500MB storage space per domain and 20000MB data transfer (bandwidth) each month per domain. For those to whom that seems like impenetrable jargon, don't worry, we will look after it for you if required, we offer you the ability to purchase more bandwidth or storage space at very reasonable cost however, should you regularly exceed your allotted quota and fail to upgrade, it may be necessary to suspend your hosting until this can be resolved. (Prices as of 24/04/09. Extra 200MB of Web space at cdn $10 per year.)

1.The client -- this is the person whose name is on the signed agreement with

2.The package costs cdn $19.99 per month for the first year and comprises a website of five pages, including: one homepage, one contact form, three internal pages; a web address (*) and email address(es) (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.*); hosting of your site on fast web servers, subject to the above restrictions.
There will be a renewal after one year with same price of cdn $19.99 per month for next 12 months contract. will register your domain name on your behalf, but will not necessarily be available. In this instance we will advise of reasonable alternatives. Domain that are registered by us only can transferred to client's name if client pay full year payment.

3.The contract is the terms and conditions document, signed and dated by the client and returned to . No work will commence until this document has been received by . Once signed, will begin the design process and providing all the content is supplied within 7 days of the contract date, will publish your site on the Internet within a maximum of 2 working days from date of design sign-off.

4.Design process. will present a first design to the client 7 days after receipt of ALL the content. The client has one chance to make any reasonable design changes, but the designs will follow the client's current promotional material and colour scheme. Once the client has accepted the design, requires acceptance in writing, either by fax, post or email, this process is deemed as design sign-off. will design the website only within the cdn $19.99 per month for 12 month contract basis. Other design, i.e. logos will be charged for as an extra - quotations available on request.
The content is all photographs and/or artwork and copy to be published on the client's website. This can either be set out in a structured format by the client or can use their discretion to use relevant text and photographs from the client's existing promotional material.
It is the responsibility of the client to obtain permission to use any photographs on their website. Copyright laws still apply to the Internet.

5.A non-refundable retainer is required before any work begins. This will cover hosting space and domain name registration.
Method of Payment: 1. Online; 2. By mail

1. Pay on line's payment option

2. Pay By Mail: Call us at 416-720-1605 for more info

Single Page Website Solution -- Terms and Conditions
You (like an increasing number of small businesses) may feel that you 'should' have a website, but are not completely ready to commit valuable time, money and energy into an online presence yet. We have the perfect answer -- for an affordable cdn $15.99 per month with annual contract, you can have your own company's description and contact details on a single page website solution under your company's own domain name, with corresponding email address(es) too.

Your single page website solution could be used as a marketing brochure to save the expense of printing and mailing, giving your business better ongoing coverage than a half page advertisement in a newspaper at a fraction of the cost and won't expire at the end of the day!
It is the ideal solution if you only have a single product to advertise, such as selling/renting your home or caravan, etc.
A cheap way to advertise your home based business.
Have your CV easily accessible to all potential employers.
Or strategy requires you to have a website because your competitors have one.

Your details, like an online business card, will be available 24/7 from anywhere in the world that has access to an Internet connection.
Increasingly more and more people are turning to Search Engines as opposed to Yellow Pages to find what they are looking for. Having an Internet presence will help boost your chances of being found in this way. (We also offer a Search Engine Optimisation package.)
It looks more 'professional' using a 'proper' business email address as opposed to a free Hotmail or AOL account -- which usually attracts an increasing amount of spam -- or the long winded email you may have been given by your Internet Sevice Provider.
Purchasing your own domain name now will put a stop to your competitors using it.
Recipients of your emails from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.* may look to see your online presence when they receive a message from you, and finding a single page website solution is better than turning up a '404 -- page not found' error message. The same applies for having an email address on any printed literature and stationery.
A single page website solution helps convey the seriousness of your business enterprise.

A single page website solution will include basic contact information you'd find in a Yellow Pages advertisement.
It can also include either a company logo or accompanying graphic, and be displayed in your company's colour, thus easily identifying it as your business.
We will design and host the site on reliable servers, and register the domain on your behalf.
We will perform initial search engine optimisation (SEO) by submitting your new site to the top search engines and directories, based on the 'keywords' which describe your business or product, allowing potential customers to find you ahead of your competitors.

The Terms and Conditions as outlined herein, should be printed out, signed and sent to the address below, together with a non-refundable retainer of cdn $191.88 (peryear) in advance to cover cost of domain registration and hosting (see payment options below).
Mail us any company literature you have, identifying custom colors, etc. (Specific fonts are sometimes chargable.)
Your single page website solution could be up and running within seven days or less of receiving all the required information.
Method of Payment: 1. Online; 2. By mail

1. Pay on line's payment option

2.By mail: Call us at 416-720-1605

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We do following services with no extra charge nor any hidden cost:

Call us today for information: 416-720-1605

Free Domain & Free Advertisement
Unlimited Hits Up To 20GB Transfer
Unlimited Email Forwarding
500 MB of Web space
Free Guest Book
Free Browser E-mail
5 web links From our Directory or from your choice
12 month contract
Additional site or link only $3.00/mth

There are four primary design features which users are most emphatic about wanting - regardless of site content:
1.Fast download times;
2.Easy and efficient to use interface;
3.Text which is clear and easy to read;
4.Easy to use navigational structure.

Web Site Design
Web design build fast-loading, affordable, professional web site designs and web graphics.
We have also designed a world-class database driven content management system which makes site updates very easy.
Take a look around our site and the work we have done and make an online enquiry to see if we are the right partners for your next website.
You can contact us from here or make an online enquiry about a web site or web design

See our online audio steaming
See our online video streaming
See our online photo Slideshow
Web design can provide you with all the graphics your new web site may need including Home page design, interface/navigation design and site layout. Static or animated - fast loading and easy to integrate with your new or existing website, extranet or Intranet.

Web Site Building, Rebuilds, and Renovation
Have you got an older web site design that needs bringing up to date? Need a new homepage and site look for a web site? It may be easier than you thought.

Data Driven eCommerce Site
Web design have built many sites that are driven by Databases which clients can easily update.
We can also provide web based systems tailored to suit your needs.

Compare our prices with typical hosting company:

Typical Hosting Co. Comments: Savings First Year
Disk Space 100 megabytes 5000 megabytes 50 times more storage
Traffic 1-2 Gigabyte/month Unlimited hits & to 20GB Unlikely bandwidth charges
Email Accounts 20 E-mail forwarding Unlimited Save $10.00+/month $120.00
Domain Cost $35/yr. registration $Free Save $35.00/year $35.00
Setup Fee $35.00 $Free Save $35.00 $35.00
Monthly hosting $29.99 $19.99 Save $10.00/month $120.00
Typical Total Savings $310.00

Following domains are on sale now. Call us today at 416-720-1605 for more details:


Please contact us today. Your business will up and running with a right domain name an money making ready for business website.
We also can help you with webdesign, webhosting and training with a huge savings.


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Domain for Sale
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