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Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader

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Israel is the organ harvesting and human trafficking global ringleader.

Growing global problem of human trafficking and the sex slavery trade. Facts are:

1.Uses victims of faked wars and Kidnapping.

2. SYRIA, Yemen and PALESTINE as prime examples of target location.

3. Increasing global harvesting of human organs sold on the black market with Rabbis in NY and NJ involved.


1. Pro-Israeli Magazine the Forward, Confirmed Israel routinely steals Palestinians’ organs for Israeli citizens’ spare parts and export to other nations.

2. Pro-Israeli New York Times Recruiters said Tel Aviv regime plays “disproportionate role” in organ trafficking since 2000.

3. Organ Watch and Nancy Scheper-Hughes released the 2000 Dr. Hiss interview.

4. Israel’s nefarious organ harvesting and trafficking program.

5. Israeli tentacles of organ traffickers reach out worldwide with brokers everywhere that have secret bank accounts.

6. Travel Agents that help traffickers.

7. Organ harvesting “the poor and the hungry to slowly dismantle their bodies.”

8. 2001 BBC Report that Israel is #1 in world recipients of organ transplants and Has fewest organ donors.

9. Tel Aviv government including the Minister of Defense has historically encourages the organ harvesting and trafficking practice. Israeli healthcare system subsidized transplant holidays up to $80,000 in reimbursement for organ recipients traveling abroad for transplants.

10. Insurance carriers paid 100% of the tab.

11. Leading role in the international crime syndicate “organized through a local business corporation in conjunction with a leading transplant surgeon, operating out of a major medical center not far from Tel Aviv.”

12. Connected to transplant surgeons in Turkey, Russia, Moldova, Estonia, Georgia, Romania, Brazil and New York City.

13. “hundreds of Israelis have created a production line that starts in the villages of Moldova, where men today are walking around with one kidney.”

14. Israeli crime rings are still actively harvesting organs from the world’s poorest countries.