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Message to all humanity on Earth ##free palestine ##palestine ##demonstration ##we burn you burn with us

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WE are all joining to your messages. We like to say to state of Israel, the Zionist and oppressor,

You can torture us, bomb us kill our children’s, stop our walkway, take our kid’s organs like kidney and heart and burn our districts to the ground.

You can see that, but you ignore to accomplish your evil target. Almighty is all knower, all hearer and a great planner.

‘If we burn, you burn with us’: When symbols move from the images and videos to the streets.

Oppressors, Zionist arrogant, racist and evil doer has no place to hide. Truth will take them down, it just a matter of time.

Almighty clearly says” oppression and injustice created by human will be punished, while live on earth. You don’t need to wait for hellfire. Promise of Almighty is crystal clear for all non-corrupted noble books combined.

Fear almighty, who has created you amongst the best from all living being on earth. Gave you the brain to prosper and help others who is lacking. Do not use your brain to create evil and to destroy society.