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If American republican senators do not understand Math in their election, they all needs to go back to school for retrain.

The whole world is laughing at them and their weird current president. It is very important to understand election math, before make a comment.

We all know that emotion has no place for the world's law and order. Law and order around the world eleminate and never consider consider emotion when judging the case.

Case based on facts and proof and outcome determine the winner or looser.

I am very surprise and humbled, when my grand father gave me advise, multiple time when he was live that "You can have enemy with knowledge as a friend than a good friend without a knowledge."


Lol!! ##Trump

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People with knowledge can understand and differtiate between lie and truth, sin or good deed, bad and good, evil acts to honest act using knowledge, facts and proof and majority people's voice.

On the other hand people without knowledge go either side without understanding the concequence, without any facts and proof. This is very dangerous act.