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E-commerce is becoming nearly impossible to make profitable and many small businesses are fighting tooth and nail just to keep things afloat. When you think about all the obstacles people have to overcome such as:

--->Slim profit margins
--->The interruption of supply chains
--->Drop-shipping nightmares
--->Increased ad cost
--->Product return due to quality
--->Wrong or not as advertise return
--->Shopping cart and funnel issues
--->Packing and shipping logistics
---> Digital money always in customers favor
And the list goes on and on
If you look at the ecom math, in theory, it all seems very simple: You lose most of the money with wrong traffic and wrong suppliers. But of course, when you build a real ecom business, it becomes more complicated than that.

You need to discover things like how to pick a risk-free supplier and how to ensure you don’t lose money when you start to drive traffic to your store and of course learn ecom software with bells and whistles such a way that you do not need people's help to add, delete, create video for your ecommerce site.

Last or not least stay top with ecommerce programs, like AI, APPs, Cloud funnels, key plugins on integration, glitch free quick credit processing, digital upselling with offers and coupons.

It absolutely amazes me under the current market conditions that so many of the e-com gurus are still preaching the drop-shipping and Amazon FBA gospel when the writing is clearly on the wall.

The fact of the matter is the good old days of E-commerce are gone, and if you want to thrive in the new economy it’s time to peek into the future and see where things are headed instead of living in the past.

Yes, online spending will continue to increase as more and more people shop online!

However, there are many more profitable items to sell with much bigger profit margins than, T-shirts, mugs, jewelry, and other trinkets made in china that people can buy from AliExpress or Ali-drop-shipping.

Chinese products are short term goal and short-term profit. First thing to control products and product quality where ever it come from.

Be careful with Chinese cheap products. it can harm your business for good. Focus more on real rating and customer satisfaction.

That’s I focus exclusively on Digital Products that have instant delivery and make the ownership and hold your products to execute that and almost infinite profit margins.

You also can create a strategy called product partnering in order not to deal with shipping, logistics, customer service, shopping carts, or product creation and it’s by far the most one of the most lucrative strategies for building an online business.
That can thrive under any economic conditions, and generate consistent profits.
While providing a lifestyle that is not constrained by finances or geographical location!
Example is simple for both partners:
1. One handle the software base, digital advertising, digital product changes and integration improvement with Facebook and google.
2. Other focus on correct products, suppliers, quality, again quality and on time delivery. Remember full collaboration between two is the key.

keep in mind customer satisfaction and product quality is a main focus area for long term and sustainable business.

Let's provide some key digital items that can integrate to ecommerce business.

1. Topline Domain sale
2. Art product from direct owners like artists
3. Service sales like cleaning, moving and renovation
4. Collector's items from owner and from real collectors
5. Antiques items
6. house hold items
7. Electronics and Gadgets
8. Digital videos, Animation and digital advertising items and so on.

I will stop here. I like my surfer and reader to make a knowledge-based comments to benefit you, me and our society as a whole.