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Changes to the map of Bangladesh due to rising new island in the Bay of Bengal.

Rising islands in the Bay of Bengal has gradually become the permanent land.

In the past four decades, thousands of square kilometers of new lands have been added to Bangladesh.

The exact account was not available for a survey yet. But the amount of this land is huge.

It is estimated that the new land is already extended into one-tenth of Bangladesh's mainland.

Among them, Chittagong, Noakhali, Cox's Bazar, Patuakhali, Feni and Bhola are estimated to have a new land of tens of thousands of square kilometers.

The new land has been built surround Sandeep is 148 square kilometers, just over the last half a decade.

40 permanent new islands have been found on the bank of Meghna coast, approximately about 2 thousand square kilometers.

In Meghna, there are more than 75 new rising island has been added to the survey list.

As such there has seen a possibility of getting half of the new land in current Bangladesh in the next two decades.

The local says the new land amount not only added the country's landmass, but also new possibilities and fulfilling dreams.

The new rising land has met the demand for foreign investment when they need a bigger land, to make a bigger project inside the country.

The government has planned to create economic zones for foreign investment in Chittagong, Cox's Bazar and Fenni into the new rising land. The new grounds were taken from the Forestry Department's new forestry project too.

It is an opportunity, not just at the official level, but a dream fulfilled by marginalized people. People without land of living started to make their houses and the farmers of landless have started agriculture on these extended grounds.

The studies of the Government Research Institute for Environment and Geographical Information Services (SIGIS) said in 2008, the amount of waking up to the rising island is much higher than 1973 in the country, which has a new 597 square kilometer.

At this time, a breakdown of 1 thousand square kilometers of land has been recalled, up from 1 thousand to 642 square kilometers. Later in 2013, government agencies at the land Resources Development Institute said studies have woken up to a new land of 5 thousand 471 square kilometers of different coastal range from 1971 to 2010.

It has been classified by the government from 2000 to 2010. Nijhum Island, Charkbira, Charalim, Sagaria, Uchkhali, New Dalchar, kerring Charasah have been able to connect with the mainland.

The new land in Nizum Dip, Chorkobira, Choralim, Shagoria, UchKhali, and Kering island holds about 5 thousand square kilometers lands in the Noakhali district around this time.

Now in Urirchar a cross dam initiative has been taking to connect the mainland to the Sandip mainland. It will be possible to connect together rising land in the future. It is known that the new land benefits from 1970, due to creating different cross dams.

The Cross dam make possible with the help of the Netherlands.

The Water Development Board, Forestry Department, Ministry of Land, Agricultural Department, and some other government offices are working together to the rising land and land properties and make it into the permanent land.

In this case, they block the coastal area through the installation of dams and cross dams first, when water ran away and turn zero, it creates new land by clogging the poli soil.