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The United States of America--one of the greatest countries built by the greatest founders that established a great system of law from the greatest teachers including the greatest of teachers--Muhammad. This country exalted his name by including his image in one of the greatest places--the Supreme Court. The greatest kings of his time glorified him, for example the Christian King of Abyssinia, the Jewish king of Yemen, and all the Christian Arab kings followed him regardless of him not being royalty and only by his letter. This letter was not imposing by force nor by threat. These kings followed and believed him because of the proof of their Holy Scriptures (Torah and Gospel).

An example of these instances was with the Coptic King of Egypt. He exalted Muhammad (peace be upon him) by offering him the best of what he had--the daughter of a priest (Maria) to become a servant/slave for Muhammad, but rather, Muhammad glorified this gift and honored the king by marrying Maria instead of making her a slave. This story circulates back to the greatest grandfather--Abraham (peace be upon him). In reference to Gen 20:6-8, the king of Egypt, to satisfy Abraham and Sarah and please God, he offered Abraham the princess, Hajar, to become his slave. Similarly, Abraham glorified his gift and had her become his wife as mentioned in Gen 16: 3.

Because Abraham migrated from Ur (Iraq)Gen15:7. to the Palestinian wilderness, he owned nothing but his own tent. He bought a well for seven sheep and that location in the wilderness of Palestine became named Beir Saba' (Seven sheep)Gen21:29-34,22:9,26:33-34. All his children including Isaac and Jacob lived in this location without ever owning anything. They all moved to Egypt because of good living according to Gen 46. There, they lived as slaves Gen15: 13-17. When they lived Palestine, they did not own any of it. When they lived in Egypt, they did not own any of it. When they lived by the Euphrates, they did not own any of it, as well.

Only through Abraham (peace be upon him), all nations will be blessed Gen 12:2-3 and 18:18-19. Muhammad (Shiloh) in Gen 49:10 was the first and only to unite the ten tribes between the Euphrates and the Nile in Gen 15: 18-21. And all of the relatives of Abraham (maternal and paternal and direct offspring) are all recognized today as Muslims which include these ten tribes and the six children of Keturah, the third wife of Abraham (peace be upon him) as mentioned in Gen 25: 1-4. And the ten lost Israeli tribes, Habakook 3: 7, are now situation in present day Afghanistan. The followers of Muhammad today count from 1.5 billion from various nations, tribes, colors, races, from all over the world. The golden time of the relationship between Jews and Muslims was during Islamic Spain (Andalusia).

The children of Levi migrated to the Arabian Peninsula awaiting a prophet from Arabia as mentioned in Isaiah 21: 13-17 and the only unlettered prophet as stated in Isaiah 29: 11-12 and his name being Mahmad as in Hagai 2: 6-9. They were waiting for the prophet that would establish the Kindom of God as in Daniel 2: 44, and with him will be ten thousand saints to open Makka in 630 A.D. Det 33:2 and this prophet will be coming from Mekka as mentioned in Psalms 84:1-7. They were looking for the prophet that would establish a pure society that had never been established before in Isaiah 42: 1-21. He was the only one that was offered the highest of gifts, royalty, wealth, and other various worldly temptations, and yet, he rejected them all. He did not differ from the prophets before him, he was also a shepard and easily rejected worldly temptations and died peacefully and poor leaving behind teachings and the Quran. For anyone that would like to learn more about him, the resources are endless and available considering he was one of the greatest teachers in the world.

Footnote: ANY ONE NEED INFORMATION PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWIONG BOOKS: 1. "A Deadling Misunderstanding:A Congressman's Quest to Bridge the Muslim-Christian Divide" By former Congressman Mark Siljander. 2. "The Prophet Muhammad the Last Messanger in the Bible" by Kais Al-Kalby