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A 8-Year-old kid took a coin of one taka in his hand and went to the shop and say to shop owner, "Can I buy Allah in your shop"?

When the shop owner heard this, he threw the coin and tell the boy to go away.

The boy went to the next shop and stood quietly with one taka!

Shop owner ask hey boy, What do you want with one taka?

Boy answered "I want to buy Allah. Is there Allah in your shop"?

The second shop owner also drove him away.

But, the ignorant boy didn't give up. After one by one he started to visit a shop on that plaza. After roaming around four shops, Five shop's owner, an old shopkeeper asked the boy,

"Why do you want to buy Allah? What will you do with Allah"?

This is the first time that the boy heard such questions on the face of a shopkeeper. Surely Allah will be found in this shop! Shocked voice answered,

and says, I don't have a father, there is no one but my mother in this world. My mother works all day and bring food for me. My mother is in the hospital now.

What will I eat when mother dies? The doctor said, only Allah can save my mother. Will Allah be found in your shop?

Shopkeeper answered, "Yes Allah can be found! How much money do you have"?

Boy answered " I have only one taka.

It's not a problem. Allah will be found in one taka.

The shopkeeper took a money from the child and found that there was nothing to sell without a glass of water. So He let the boy get a glass of water from the filter and said, "if you feed this water, your mother will be healed".

The next day, a group of medical specialist entered the hospital. The operation of the boy's mother is performed. She recovered.

The woman is unconscious after seeing the hospital bill on discharge paper. The doctor assured him, "there is nothing to worry. An old gentleman paid all your bills. He gave me a letter".

The woman opened the letter and saw the written letter, It has written as follows:

"There is no need to thank me. You should thank to your Almighty.

I am just the observer. Only Allah can save you. The one who is looking for Allah is your son and His chest and heart has full of faith. To Find Allah, you don't have to pay millions of money, you can use a little money with true heart and with your true faith".

Let's everyone one of us seek Allah ( God) from the heart to safeguard from this plague ( Covid19) in this month of Ramadan and ask him for forgiveness and safeguard our humanity!

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