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Itemized digital facts:

a. Internet was discovered in 1969.
b. Email was discovered in 1971.
c. Hotmail was discovered in 1996.
d. Google was discovered in 1998.
e. Facebook was discovered in 2004.
f. YouTube was discovered in 2005.
g. Twitter was discovered in 2006.
h. Internet was launched in 1969.

Common abbreviation on digital life:

1. GOOGLE: Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth
2. YAHOO: Yet Another Hierarchical Official Oracle
3. WINDOW: Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solution
4. Computer: Common Oriented Machine Especially United and used under technical and Educational Research
5. VIRUS: Vital Information Resources Under
6. UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
7. AMOLED: Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode
8. OLED: Organic light-emitting diode
9. IMEI: International Mobile Equipment Identity
10. ESN: Electronic Serial Number
11. UPS: Uninterrupted power supply
12. HDMI: High-Definition Multimedia Interface
13. VPN: Virtual private network
14. APN: Access Point
15. SIM: Subscriber Identity Module
16. LED: Light emitting diode
17. DLNA: Digital Living Network Alliance
18. RAM: Random access memory
19. ROM: Read only memory
20. VGA: Video Graphics Array
21. QVGA: Quarter Video Graphics Array
22. WVGA: Wide video graphics array
23. WXGA: Wide Screen Extended Graphics Array
24. USB: Universal Serial Bus
25. WLAN: Wireless Local Area Network
26. WMV: Windows Media Video
27. WMA: Windows Media Audio
28. WAV: Waveform Audio
29. PPI: Pixels Per Inch
30. LCD: Liquid Crystal Display
31. HSDPA: High speed down-link packet access
32. HSUPA: High-Speed Uplink Packet Access
33. HSPA: High Speed Packet Access
34. DNS: Domain Name system
35. AOA: Angle of attack - Defined as the angle formed between the wing chord line and the direction of air flowing past the wing
36. IP address: Internet Protocol address define as two main functions: host or network interface identification and location addressing
37. BSoD: an error screen displayed on a Windows computer system following a fatal system error. Blue screen. 38. SIS: Symbian OS Installer File
39. GSM: Global System for Mobile communication
40. UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System
41. 3GP: 3rd Generation Project
42. MP4: MPEG-4 video file
43. JAR: Java Archive
44. MP3: MPEG player ll
45. GIF: Graphic Interchangeable Format
46. PNG: Portable Network Group